Covid 19 - help stop the spread

Our focus is now on cleanliness that will be visible throughout your stay.

Every aspect of Port Arthur Villas has been sanitised, the evidence will be visual – factual. We have followed the guidelines as published by the Mayo Clinic promoting Lysol clean, promoting a healthy environment.

Our linen supplier has also changed their product and operations to ensure absolutely no linen leaves their premises without the ultimate in cleaning, having adopted best practice they are confident with their product, as are we.

Your safety is of the utmost importance to us. Our cleaners have been taught the correct process for cleaning and sanitisation.

  • Any touched surface, inside and out of your villa, is cleaned daily.
  • All utensils, crockery, cooking pots and pans are put through the dishwasher on departure.
  • All towels are replaced regardless of usage.
  • Garbage is removed daily and bins sanitised.
  • Bathrooms are given extra attention and products recommended by the Mayo Clinic are being used.
  • Sanitary bins are in place and emptied fortnightly.

Nothing is left to chance.

Outside areas, that you are welcome to use, (guest laundry & BBQ facilities, a walk in our gardens) are also being cleaned regularly.

We will continue to practice social distancing for some time to come, and appreciate your compliance.

If you have any queries or require clarification on anything, please contact us.

Please note that face masks MUST be worn inside the reception area with a maximum of 4 guests at any time.

Face masks must be worn in this building